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  • Providing Indoor heating mats and Outdoor heating mats;
  • Can convert 100% of electrical energy into heat without energy loss;
  • Flexible installation, Lower Installation&?Maintenance Cost;
  • Match all popular thermostat in Europe and America;
  • Suitable for use in both Wet and Dry locations;
  • Comply with CE and CSA Safety Standards
  • Over 25 Years Warranty.
  • Radiant Heat Mat 3
  • Electric Floor Heating Mat 1
  • Foil Heating Mats

All Jiahong's Electric Heating Mats

Jiahong Electric Heating Mat is designed to provide heating solutions for both indoor floor heating system and outdoor ground heating system. It is made of fiberglass net and constant wattage heating cable. Because of this standard sticky attachment net, Jiahong Electric heating mat is flexible to install. All Jiahong electric heating mat have been approved by UL, EAC, CE. And Every heating mat is tested according to CSA Standards before packing. The Cables can work normally over 50 years and we also provide a 25-year warranty.

Electric Floor Heating Mat 1


Floor Heating Mat for North America Markets

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Floor Heating Mat 2


European Floor Mat with single conductor cable

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Radiant Heat Mat 3


European Floor Mat with Twin conductor cable

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Foil Heating Mats


Unique foil heating mat for European Markets

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Jiahong’s Electric Heating Mat

  • No.1 Heating Cable and Heating Mat?Exporter in Asia-Pacific;
  • Over 25 Years Manufacturing and Exporting Experience;
  • Complete Test Reports For Europe And America;
  • Raychem Audit and ISO2008 Audit;
  • Support One Stop Sourcing;
  • R&D staff has Chinese Military Background.
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Does Every Electric Heating Mat need a thermostat?

Answer: Not sure. All electric heating mats require a temperature control except a kind of disposable heating mat.

How long can the electric heating mat continuously use?

Jiahong’s electric heating mat?can be used for over 50 years. Generally, we will provide more than 25 years warranty, which is the longest warranty in this field all over the world.

How to select matched electric heating mat?

Answer: For importer and agents, it is easy to make a decision because we have many popular items for your selection. All these models have been sourced by local brands and importers for many times. What’s more, we will do a?survey every year in order to provide you with the latest market trends.

Do you have any approved certificate?

Answer:?To be honest, we already have?most certificates in this fields. All of the?heating mats comply?with CE and CSA safety standards

How about the delivery time?

Answer: 30days normally, we also accept urgent orders.

Do you have relevant temperature controller?

Answer: Sure. We have a??complete range of thermostat. And we are the top level manufacturer of temperature controllers. We have an independent R&D center, and the core staff is from Chinese Military business.

Do you have any factory at our local?

Answer: Please check with our sales. We have already working with many factories abroad, you may get more local services and fast delivery.

Have you worked with any brands customers?

Answer: We’re supplying this electric heating mat for most brands in Europe and America.

Electric Heating Mat


Jiahong Electric Heating Mat is designed to provide?heat for?both indoor floor heating and outdoor ground heating.

It is a kind of mat that consists of a specific width of attachment mesh and a heating cable.

The cable can output the heat when connecting to the power.

It is widely used to residential, commercial and agriculture’s fields, and etc.

Jiahong is a leading manufacturer of heating mat in China, and we are able to make floor heating mat, radiant heat mat, floor heating pad, heated snow mats, ice melting mats and etc. ?

Jiahong Electric heating mat is mainly made of heating cable and fiberglass net.

The heating cable is our mature constant wattage heating cable which has a very simple structure.

It could support use for over 50 years. And we have started making this kind of heating cables since 1993.

Constant wattage heating cable regularly contains 4 layers. They are the conductor, insulation, braid, and protective layer.

All layers adopt high-quality materials. The inner conductor is tinned copper which is not easily oxidized.

The tinned copper wire is not prone to breakage in the case of long-term heat generation.

It is a great material for a heating conductor.

The Insulation is often made of the fluoropolymer( a kind of plastic).

The Braid is used to shield electromagnetic radiation and provide ground protection.

As we know, electromagnetic radiation is bad for your health.

And our electric heating mat could emit zero electromagnetic fields, which is necessary for the indoor floor heating system.

The outer protective layer is made of fluoropolymer or PVC, which is allowed to be used in wet, even acidic or alkaline locations. Once Jiahong electric heating mat is mounted under the ground, it may have the same lifetime with the building. ?

Jiahong electric heating mat is more convenient to install compare to loose floor heating cable because it has four special features:

  1. The heating cable has already fixed on the attachment net and it is no need to install a fixed pile;
  2. The back of the attachment net is sticky, it can quickly adhere to the ground.
  3. The attachment net has a specific width so that it can be laid directly and accurately along the line.
  4. For irregular areas, the attached net can also be cut to lay like a loose wire.

?All of these features help save installation time. ?

Actually, Jiahong electric heating mats are able to be made according to different safety standards.

For example, the North American market requires that all heating cables must provide grounding protection and the product should be approved by CSA or UL.

However, security requirements in Europe are somewhat different, it generally asks for CE approves. ?

What’s more, as we know, the rating voltages between North America and Europe are different.

So the structures of the electric heating mats are various. All Jiahong electric heating mats for North America use 120Vac or 240Vac rating voltage but for Europe use 230Vac.

The standard cable spacing on North American Mat is 3’’(about 76.2mm), but on Europe is around 80 – 112mm.

So Jiahong developed various heating mats for different markets. ?


According to different usage environments, the electric heating Mat can be divided into a heated floor mat and heated outdoor mat. ?

Heated Floor Mat ? Heated Floor Mat, also called floor heating mat, is an extremely important component of the electric floor heating system.

It can bring radiant heat to your any rooms and it is widely applied to the bathroom, kitchen room, living room, bedroom, interior stairs, and corridors, etc.

Jiahong heated floor mats are popular in both North America and European markets.

The most popular model for North America is our electric floor heating mat, Model Warm-M.

And European markets have three regular models: radiant heat mat, electric floor heating mat, and foil heating mat. ?

Heated Outdoor Mat ? Heated Outdoor Mat is regular outdoor snow and ice melting mat.

It is used to output the heat to prevents the car tires from slipping and pedestrians slipping.

It is also used to maintain the sports ground dry in North Europe in the cold season.

It is widely seen in driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, stairs, ramps, bridges, and many other locations. ?

Besides, Jiahong also could customize any heating mat you want.

We have developed a disposable electric heating mat for the road construction project.

The mat was buried at the base of the road to maintain the temperature in a higher level in the cold season. ? ?

How to select a matched Electric Heating Mat? ?

Jiahong has some regular electric heating mats for each market.

These regular specifications are long-term purchases by professional importers and contractors and are also the best-selling styles and specifications on the local market.

If you can’t get better data, you can order some regular heating mat from us.

Of course, we will also provide you with a customized electric heating mat. ?

If you want to choose a specification that is more suitable for the local market, the following suggestions will help make a better choice. ?

  1. Understand the main building structure in the area. Including the layout of the house, the building materials, the size of the space, and the height of the house, even including whether or not to take insulation measures. The more data you can get, the accurate power requests can be provided. For an importer and agent, it is not necessary to calculate the exact data, because we already have specific power for your reference. The more data you can get, the better the heating solutions you can get.
  2. Size decides practical length. For example, China’s room size is about half of the size of European housing. So Chinese people can choose a lower power range.
  3. The layout at the same district as similar. Knowing the layout of the house can tell where it needs to be heated and where it is not.
  4. Building Material. Cement walls and wooden walls of the same thickness have different insulation effects. It requires a lower power range if the insulation effect is better.


  1. Different heating zones will be used for different heating zones.

Wet area requires a higher temperature and better waterproof performance. ?

  1. The actual area of use ultimately determines the length of the heating pad.

Practical using area means locations may touch your feet. For example, you should deduct the area where there is a sofa or refrigerator.